About Sarah

Sarah’s multi-faceted life experience includes international evangelism, years as a pastor’s wife and cross-cultural church planter, serving as a university dean of women, directing a faith-based charity, and extensive church ministries.

She finds her most satisfying identity through relationships rather than accomplishments. Sarah is the mother of two very loved children and their spouses, “Grammie” to six grandchildren, and, for the past almost 20 years, widow to the man she describes as having “encouraged and prayed for me to become the woman God intended me to be.” She also loves being a sister, an auntie, and a friend, each relationship carrying its own significant responsibilities and joys.

Sarah passionately desires for people – and especially women – to know God and understand solid theology, and to understand that we have been given a task here on earth for which we are equipped by God with gifts and abilities to fulfill that task. She wants believers to recognize and exercise their gifts in personal relationships – in homes, neighborhoods, churches, and the marketplace.

She leans heavily on the Word of God when she speaks and enhances her messages with story-telling from life experiences to re-enforce truth, often with humor and always with transparency. Her expressed desire is that others come to a full understanding of God’s amazing grace.

Sarah spent much of her early adulthood as a single in international evangelism before she served in a cross-cultural ministry setting, where she and her husband raised their family and planted a thriving church. After her husband’s death, she spent time influencing hundreds of women as their university dean and then developed and led the ministry of a successful faith-based cancer charity which affected many patients and caregivers. Her own experiences with pain and grief give her entrance into many lives.

The fact that she has at least two decades of experience as a single woman, two more as a married woman (twice that as a mom), and now another two as a widow, gives her a unique perspective and broad appeal to women in all stages of life, from single to single again, and from newlyweds to empty-nesters. God has used her as a mentor to many women.

In her speaking, Sarah demonstrates that she is simply a sinner saved by grace and therefore more loved and accepted by God than she could dare hope. In her own words: “These truths keep me far from pride, yet fill me daily with the realization that I am deeply and unconditionally loved by the God who redeemed me. This is my reality and confidence as I live in today’s world.”

Sarah’s full CV is available on my LinkedIn profile.